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The Case for Leaving Santa a Pizza Pocket

You’ve probably been leaving Santa cookies on Christmas Eve your whole life. We get it—it’s tradition. But we’d encourage you to think outside the cookie jar this year. After all, is there any evidence that Santa actually wants cookies from every house he visits? How do we know he’s not just eating them to be polite? In our humble opinion, Mikey’s Pizza Pockets are a much better thank you treat for the man who files around the entire world in one night just to bring you presents—here’s why.

1. He needs a hot meal on a cold night.

Milk and cookies might be delicious, but they don’t warm you up during a frosty sleigh ride. A toasty Pocket is just thing to keep Santa from freezing. Just be sure to leave him instructions to pop it in the microwave before he starts unloading his pack.

2. He can easily grab it on the way up the chimney.

Cookies crumble. Pockets, on the other hand, are contained in a convenient crust to grab and go.

3. He won’t crash from too much sugar.

Christmas Eve is a longgg night for Santa, and we don’t want him groggy while flying through a blizzard after a 2:00 AM sugar crash.

4. He needs a substantial meal, not just dessert.

You wouldn’t pull an all nighter without ordering pizza at midnight would you? Santa shouldn’t have to either.

5. He needs protein for energy.

Cookies are empty carbs. Mikey’s Pepperoni Pizza Pockets contain 11 grams of protein to fuel Santa’s long night of work.

6. You don’t know if he developed any new food intolerances since last year.

The crazy thing about dairy and wheat intolerances is that they can spring up on you at any time. Maybe Santa was fine with milk and cookies for the past 150 years, but you never know if this is the year he developed a gluten or dairy intolerance. Best to be on the safe side.

7. You might get an extra present.

Hey, you never know. Santa’s system is to reward those who have been extra good all year with gifts, but a little 11th hour bribe can’t hurt, right?