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Find Your Mikey’s Pocket Soulmate

Still searching for a Valentine’s Day dinner date? Don’t worry, there’s a Mikey’s Pocket out there for you. Read their profiles to find your flavor of the month.

Cauliflower Broccoli

Vegetarian 🥦

Energy healer ⚡

Pisces ♓️

Things I like: Farmers’ markets, daily meditation, thrifting and festivals. Things I don’t like: Caffeine, single-use plastics and negativity. If our tastes align, send me a sign.

Buffalo Chicken

I’m watching: The Office (UK version only)

I’m daydreaming about: An oat milk latte

Current mood: “Spice Up Your Life” by the Spice Girls

I’m into music (all genres), riding my bike and living my best city life. I believe that if you can’t give it your all, it isn’t worth doing, relationships included. If you’re looking to connect on a deeper level, message me a link to your favorite song and let’s talk.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pairs of sneakers: 15

Workouts per week: 5

Credit score: 795

You can usually find me at the office (finance), at the gym (CrossFit) or watching the game at my local bar (football and hockey). I’m not fancy, but I’m always up for a good time. Send me a message if you want to just hang out and have fun.

Cheese Pizza

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” 🌈

It might sound cheesy, but I really am a true romantic. I’m searching for a partner in crime to join me for candlelit dinners, morning runs, Sunday brunch and crazy weekend adventures. If you think you could be the avocado to my toast, hit me up.

Ham & Cheese

Plain coffee > latte

Dogs > cats

Plain coffee > latte

Quiet night in > crowded bar

I like to keep things simple. I pack the same lunch every day and own the same shirt in five different colors. Some might say I’m boring, but I say I’m comfortable in my own crust. I don’t need wild adventures, just a pleasant dinner companion and someone to share my Netflix account. If you think it could be you, let’s connect.

Egg & Cheese

Activist. Blogger. Actual morning person.

I’m the type who’s always lonely in a crowd, and I’m searching for someone to keep me company. If you like to go to marches on Saturdays, do the New York Times crossword on Sundays and geek out about public policy every day of the week, let’s talk.