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Why Mikey’s Products Will Always Be Frozen

Have you ever wondered why your favorite Mikey’s English muffins, tortillas and other baked goods are always sold frozen? It’s to lock in that fresh, homemade quality as soon as they are done baking and naturally preserve them without using artificial preservatives or other unnecessary ingredients.

You may have noticed homemade bread goes stale and moldy in under a week, but a store-bought loaf can sometimes last you an entire month without developing a speck of green fuzz. That’s because many commercial bakers’ recipes call for a bunch of preservatives to help extend their products’ shelf-life. However, some recent studies have raised questions about the safety of one particular preservative commonly used in bread, sodium benzoate. This preservative, and many others, have caused many people to avoid additives of any kind because it can be so tricky to separate the ones that are innocuous from those that could trigger digestive distress and other health issues.

At Mikey’s, we like simplicity. That’s why we keep preservatives out of all our products. In fact, we’ve never once used them—it turns out Mikey didn’t have any potassium sorbate in his pantry when he was baking his very first English muffin...who would have guessed??

To this day, we still make our products just like Mikey made them in his home kitchen when he first started out. That means they last about as long out of the fridge as homemade gluten-free bread does, which, as you probably know, is not very long. Freezing allows us to ship them to you and your local grocery stores without sacrificing quality and taste. That’s the Mikey’s way!