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3 New Superfood Tortillas Are Here!

We thought your Taco Tuesday could use some color! That’s why we created three new additions to our grain-free tortilla line, all naturally flavored and colored with real veggies and spices.

“We really wanted to think outside the box and create something innovative for our grain-free tortilla line that hasn’t been done before,” said Mike Tierney, founder of Mikey’s. “Cooking for a family with a bunch of different dietary restrictions is challenging, and tacos are one of the easiest meals to make that everyone can enjoy. That’s why we’re so excited to launch these delicious and versatile colorful tortillas made with people who follow gluten-free and grain-free diets in mind.”

Things to Love About Our New Tortillas

They come in 3 great varieties

Sweets & Beets — These pretty purple tortillas get their color and subtle sweetness from purple sweet potatoes and red beets. They’re especially delicious filled with roasted root vegetables or winter squash for a hearty vegetarian meal.

Golden Turmeric — Organic golden turmeric gives these tortillas a vibrant yellow hue. They’re also infused with hemp protein for a nutritional boost. We love them for classic taco and fajita recipes.

Super Greens — Broccoli sprouts and spinach power these wholesome green soft shells. They’re perfect for quick lunches of hummus, veggies and whatever protein you’ve got left from last night’s dinner.

The ingredients are simple and vegan

Our three new tortillas get their vibrant colors from real vegetables and spices—we didn’t need to add any additional food coloring to achieve those beautiful tones! And like our original grain-free tortillas, they’re all made with a cassava flour base and minimal ingredients, making them perfect for vegans and anyone who can’t eat grains, gluten, dairy or soy.

They’re the perfect size for just about anything

Like our original grain-free tortillas, our new varieties are a versatile 6-inch size that’s ideal for tacos, fajitas, quesadillas and more. And with 3 options to choose from, you can eat them multiple nights a week without getting bored!

They’re frozen for freshness

At Mikey’s, we like simplicity, so we keep preservatives out of all our products. In order to ensure freshness, our tortillas (and all our products) are sold frozen.

You can try them now!

All three of our new tortillas are on their way to a Sprouts Farmers Market near you! We’re working hard to get them into other stores, too. In the meantime, you can always order online!